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Rebuilding a Double Mantle Lantern

First off I need to get this out of the way!

I don't want to get anyone hurt. If you are not mechanically inclined or are in anyway uncomfortable with tinkering with a lantern you should not attempt what I show you! If you need your lantern worked on there are many that can do it for you and I will be more than happy to point you to the closest one I know!

These procedures are my way of doing it. There are certainly other ways, many probably better. But over the years I have learned that these steps make logical sense, are easy as they can get, and work the vast majority of the time.

Most of you will not have special tools. So here you won't be shown how to mount the lantern clamp or use the check valve tool. The buffing wheel and the bead blaster are not mentioned. I'll show you how to do this with common tools that you probably already own.

If you've never torn down a lantern then I wrote this for you! If you've done it a time or two then I hope you might catch something that will make it a little easier for you. If you're an expert, I welcome your input.

Actually I welcome all input. One of the tools I show is not at all an idea of mine but rather, a "midnight brainstorm" of Del Caley from Portland, Oregon. I complained to him about how difficult it was to remove the frame without scratching the fount. Next day he had the problem (easily) solved and was kind enough to share with me. I am not the most creative of people so if you got a better way, I'd love to hear from you!

So please be careful if you attempt to take apart your lantern! It is fundamentally dangerous to have 2 pints of gasoline within 8 inches of two very hot flames. Respect that and do everything safely.

There are four parts to this: First you will be shown how to disassemble a single mantle lantern. The second part goes into repairing a few items and cleaning it all up. The third portion shows you how to re-assemble your lantern. And once you've read all of that you can go to the fourth part for a no-graphics version of the three previous parts that you can print off and take to the work bench with you.

So if you agree not to hold Old Town International, LLC responsible for any damage or injury you may enter. (By clicking "enter" you agree to this). Otherwise please hit backspace and enjoy the rest of the site.

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