Useful links

These where gathered from the old town BBS - the will not be checked frequently so you are more then welcome to notify me of dead links

Member pages (Old Town Coleman BBS):
Dan Leeds
Warren W
Mike Grest
Mike Wells
Mike Blundell
Rob Roberts
Mike S in NJ
Kokanee Mike
Glenn (Jeepek)
Roger (VWbusman)
Jim L
Gerald Cromer
Wade Golden
Kilroyjc (photobucket)
Kilroyjc (web)
Joe P
Bob Meyer
Monte’s pictures of the PNW Gathering
Dave C (Zorro)

Frank Bebb Old Town Yucca Coleman Authorized repair and parts and our host for this board.
The above site should be your first stop for any parts or services you need. Frank is our host and we should direct all business to him.
Odd replacement and custom decals and labels
Bob Hitchcock Vintage Coleman Parts (board member)
Globe Coloring
Possible source for heater radiants (Expensive, but ok if you only need one)
POR-15 Tank Sealer
Safe Rust Remover Site
Britelyt Kerosene Lanterns
CampingGaz Lanterns and stoves
Kriol Penetrating oil
Independence Porcelain Enamel

Coleman USA
Coleman Japan
Coleman Canada

200A poster


Kansas State info on 530 pocket stove
Lighting-Coleman (Japan or California site?)
Archive of Old BB posts
Page with Military Stoves
Japanese site with lots of stoves
Very nice info on the KEROLITE
Antique glass repair (maybe globes?)
Keronsene Lantern Info
Geniol USA
Radioactivity of Mantles
Article/Video of Herb Ebendorf
Mica Supplier Asheville
Mica Supplier NY
International Fuel Names
Base Camp Lantern/Stove Page (England)
How to clean/care for Porcelain
EPA info on burning appliances inside
Japanese Lightup
Japanese Lightup 2
Stove Rebuild Info
Petromax Aida Aladdin Site/Forum
Spirit Burner Classic Camp stoves
Lamp Guild
Lehman’s Hardware
OilLampMan (also Petromax and Britelyt
Parchment Shade makers?
Another Parchment Shade source?
Bulk Citric Acid
Info on polishing
Wick heater info (including some manuals)
Info On Candle Power
Deems Burton’s Cool site

Field and stream article on Don Colston (cut/paste this link),13355,1651863,00.html

Patent Information: (thanks Marvin)

Slant Burner Assembly
Number 1 Stove/Oven
Lamp 1911
Bracket Lamp 1911
Gasolene Lamp 1911
520 Pocket stove 1942
Lamp 1910
Lamp 1911
Vapor Lamp Burner
Lantern with Kerosene preheater 1978
Inverted Lantern 1954
Safety Cap 1964
Inverted Lanter
Catalytic Heatern
Lantern Safe
Table Case
Yttrium oxide mantles 242 Lantern
609 Iron
Skiroli Snowmobile
Electric Percolator
Removable Tip cleaner/generator
ColMax Atomizer
500 Stove
KeroLite Fount
KeroLite Burner
KeroLite Wick Assembly
KeroLite Mantle Weave