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How to light a quick lite

Release all pressure by slowly removing the cap, then only pump about 10 times and don't over pressurize for starting. Don't even open the valve and if it has not been too long since it last started, just heating the generator (Q99) vaporizes the gas that is left and as soon as the mantles start to glow, open the valve just a little. If it has been a long time, after the 10 pumps, just crack the valve for less than a second and shut back off immediately (this allows a very small amount of fuel into the generator). Then heat the generator until the mantles start to glow and heat the generator on their own, then open the valve slowly. Then once it is going, give it a good amount of pressure. You can use 2 wooden matches or a “stick” lighter.

How to light a MilSpec (252)

Thanks for Don (Junkman) and Mark F from old town BBS


Check - that generator is firmly seated, top and bottom. Note - generator is easily bent - careful.
Fuel - use Coleman fuel. Auto fuel can be used, but not recommended. It will clog the generator eventually, and MilSpec generators are hard to find/expensive.
Mantle - #21 (although you may be able to use a 99, depends on the lantern), the military mantle has no direct counterpart. Avoid using the military mantles if any came with the lantern, as they are rare, and radioactive. If you have military mantles, and you absolutely have to use one, DO NOT breath the smoke from the burn-off. Wash the lantern spares compartment, with a cloth, in a soapy water solution. Rinse w/fresh water.
Lighting procedure:

1.     Release pressure (open fuel cap).

2.    Close fuel cap.
3.    Pump - 5 strokes to start - 10 MAXIMUM
4.    Open valve 1/4 turn. Wait for fuel to get through generator (should hear a change in hissing sound)
5.    Light - expect flare-up.
6.    Wait for mantle to 'settle in' before opening valve completely.
7.    Once mantle has settled in (will probably be burning 'yellow') and valve opened, then SLOWLY add another 15-20 pump strokes of pressure.

        Don't want to overpressure it, as this will 'flood' the lantern.

Basically, the MilSpec lantern is a LOW PRESSURE lantern, something like the kerosene lanterns. Because of the unique generator, it takes longer to light than regular lanterns, and it is a lot more touchy to pressure and valve settings. Lighting a Milspec is more an art than a science.