Conversion to Kerosene

As Coleman made quite a few models very similar in structure for both Kerosene and Coleman fuel
There is allways a question if my lantern could be converted

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1. Converting 220 to Kerosene:

Well the long aked question has been anwswered. 

How to convert a 220 to kero. 

We all know that the 220 came in a kero version long ago in the form of the 235. And more recently in the rare 231.
The T44K gen used in the 235 is totally unsuitable to use on today's fuels as it runs way way to rich.
The 231 gen Part number 231-5891 is not the same gen as the 206 gen part number 206-5891 as is stated on the gen list. 

Nor is the 206-5891 gen a proper replacement for the t44K. Where as the 231-5891 is a proper replacment for todays fuels.
I finally got my hands on a 231-5891 gen. So whats the differance between a 220 generator and the 231 Kero Generator? The gas tip
IS the 6 tip. AND THAT IS IT.
So to build a T44K for modern kero take the standard 220 gen remove the V gas tip and the cleaning rod and replace them with the Gas tip
and tip cleaning rod from the T66, that is it. 

You have to use the cleaning rod from the T66 (yes it's the same length check the gen list), as the 220 tip cleaning rod is too large a diameter and will
damage the 6 gas tip. 

The 231 Gen has the standard Cardboard and steel spring stuffing. No brass springs here. 

SO there it is folks. The information to build a gen for a Kero
220 or for your 235.

Info by: Matthew Reid 2009